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    Corporate Culture

    Entrepreneurial spirit-loving plants such as furniture real strict constant pursuit of excellence beyond self

          Supported by loving plants such as furniture -- is a healthy, sustained and rapid development of the spiritual impetus. 

    Hang small -- real strict stringent rules and regulations, strict examination, nuanced assessment objectives and assessment methods, seeking truth from facts. 

         Style of work and perseverance in work, building a scientific, standardized and systematic management system.

    "Strike" and "small", "use" and "hang" is a management concept is a work attitude is the basis for the development of enterprises. 

         Excel -- perseverance, self-improvement, self-pressurized, top-notch performance.

    The pursuit of excellence -- grasp the pulse of the market and keeping in step with the times, times forever heights, continual innovation.

    Building up a people-oriented business purposes -- Plant 

         People-oriented -- "Love plant home" for the spiritual source and enhance the cohesiveness and unity of the maximum inspire staff .

         Enthusiasm and creativity, and improve working actively. "Everyone is talent, not race horses," the use of the personnel, men and talents.

         Make full use of the training and talent to create a relaxed environment in which to grow.

         Honesty and integrity established plant -- Consistently, perform commitment to the operating style of honesty and trustworthiness, and promote the sustained and healthy development of enterprises.

    Enterprises style-rapid response action immediately Rapid response. 

         immediate action -- keep abreast of changes in the market, and to quickly respond quickly to the speed of any work carried out the absolutelyDelay.

         Business ideas -- in accordance with market needs and creating products to customer satisfaction

         According to market needs and creating customer satisfaction products, timely market information, market changes, the products at a reasonable price

         Georgia, and good quality of products, quality services for maximum customer satisfaction.

         Quality compliance abide by the principle of the pursuit of excellence -- perseverance sincere about service To the spirit of perseverance, constantly seeking to improve and raise their product quality, and strive to give top-notch quality, first-class brands,??Class service.

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